All firewood contains water. Freshly cut wood can be up to 45% water, while well seasoned firewood generally has a 20-25% moisture content.

Semi-Seasoned firewood is between fresh cut and seasoned, it has a moisture content around 35%. It burns slower and cooler that seasoned firewood.

The benefit of Semi-Seasoned is in the cost savings to you.. If you purchase it during the spring or early summer, it will be ready to burn this winter!

Also for long overnight burns, mixing some Semi-Seasoned with the Seasoned wood will extend your burn time.. With a good stove you can pack it in the evening and it will still be burning in the morning.

As the season progresses this and Green wood may be all you will be able to purchase. Wood supplies in the north east are dwindling extremely fast due to the hgh cost of oil..

Get your orders in fast to be sure to have wood this winter!